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Thursday October 1, 2015

Another day, no power, TRS 80 madness, buried Treasure and more Amiga Stock - Thursday October 1, 2015
Tandy/ TRS 80 Invades the Lounge Part 2 - Monday September 21, 2015
almost a year later....
45 th Birthday, Camping, Retr0 Brite, and more stock coming in. - Friday September 18, 2015
busy week, and even busier month ahead.
the Countdown is on.... - Wednesday September 9, 2015
Holidays are a coming......
A Super CDTV
Hopefully Part 1
10 Hours plus on the road for more stock - Friday August 28, 2015
The Deal that took almost 2 years, canceled at least once and missing Zorro cards.
Still Recouping, and more Amiga Stock this week..... - Saturday August 22, 2015
The battle in my bowels still rages on......
Sick, with CoCo part 2 - Wednesday August 12, 2015
Almost Hospitalized
Sick, with CoCo - Monday August 10, 2015
Doing the best I can
Did IT come from the desert? - BIG FPS Amiga update!
21 new levels for 2P combat mode, new sprites and much more!
Summer '15 Amiga 1000 Build Day 1- Amiga 30 build
a fraken A1k all from different pieces
chasing rainbows and hunting unicorns - Sunday July 26, 2015
most collectors ask for the same stuff and then are shocked at the price
It was 30 years ago today..... - Thursday July 23, 2015
happy 30 years to the computer that just will not die
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Buried Treasure!

This photo just submitted to
Glen for analysis

Stay Tuned!!

For Sale

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Weekend Special-Botek Instruments CCP-1 Serial Interface
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Weekend Special-Tandy Orchestra 90 Stereo Music Synthisizer
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Weekend Special-TRS 80 Model 4P #2


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Weekend Special-Tandy 102 personal computer
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NTSC Commodore 128 D metal version
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Sinclair ZX81


Latest Additions

Pyramid 2000 Pyramid 2000

Pyramid 2000

Color Computer News January 1983 Color Computer News January 1983

Color Computer News January 1983

The Sands of Egypt The Sands of Egypt

Sands of Egypt was the first disk only game that Radio Shack ever sold for the Coco. It was also the first game in their "Animated Adventure" series (the 2nd was The Dallas Quest). Featuring a fairly normal adventure game interface, with animated graphics scenes, and the ability to save/load up to 9 games at once on the original disk, it started a whole slew of animated graphic adventure games for the Coco (aside from the Radio Shack ones, other companies like Mark Data Products came out with games of the same type... some of them even managed to cram this onto casette games). The game had many types of animation; scrolling clouds and terrain (multi-plane yet!), an animated camel that chewed, blinked and hopped, rivers, and other things. The object of the game was to find the treasure room of the pharoah, and claim the riches contained in it. Sands of Egypt was also a cross platform game, that Datasoft ported to several different computer systems during the early 1980's. It was also one of the first games (and the first from Radio Shack) for the Coco 1/2 that pushed artifact colors past the normal four (black, red, blue, white) that most games used during the Coco 1/2 era. It was also the first copy protected Coco disk that Radio Shack sold.

TRS 80 Color Logo with manual TRS 80 Color Logo with manual

TRS 80 Color Logo with big manual

Typing Tutor loose cart Typing Tutor loose cart

Typing Tutor loose cart

Bustout with Manual Bustout with Manual

Bustout with Manual

Castle Guard boxed Castle Guard boxed

Castle Guard boxed

Castle Guard is based on the old Atari 2600 (and arcade) game called Warlords. The basic premise is that you have to knock down the opponents castle, by batting a large fireball around with your paddle (which can move both horizontally and vertically). You can play against a computer opponent, or another person (there is a 3rd mode, which is computer vs. computer, which is basically a demo mode). Unlike the original version (or other Coco versions such as Tom Mix's War Kings), you do not have to break down a barrier, but you gradually cause the castle to sink completely into the ground.

description from http://www.lcurtisboyle.com/nitros9/castleguard.html

Bedlam Bedlam


text Adventure

Eldon Crystal Radio Eldon Crystal Radio

Eldon Crystal Radio from the 1970's. headphones are missing. the fake antenna is broken. no batteries needed just run wire out window

Tandy 1000 Tandy 1000

no yellowing. comes with a bunch of software.no keyboard

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