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Tuesday July 28, 2015

Summer '15 Amiga 1000 Build Day 1- Amiga 30 build
a fraken A1k all from different pieces
chasing rainbows and hunting unicorns - Sunday July 26, 2015
most collectors ask for the same stuff and then are shocked at the price
It was 30 years ago today..... - Thursday July 23, 2015
happy 30 years to the computer that just will not die
Deal has been made, More Amiga stock soon - Thursday July 23, 2015
Donations to the lounge will speed up the process
Amiga "Ranger" Prototype unearthed *UPDATED* MORE PHOTOS
YEA actual Amiga news
Louis Essen - Creator of the atomic clock
And he precisely determined the speed of light.
( 23:59:60 Happy Leap Second!)
Individual Computers announces "Amiga Reloaded"
First it was C64 Reloaded, now the Amiga
Happy (belated) Canada Day EH!, The Dukes and slowly getting on the A1000 and posting Zorro Cards - Thursday July 2, 2015
If you click on the Girl.........
But, But, But, We Love the General Lee and Daisy Duke!
A Rebel Redneck Tribute to the Dukes of Hazzard, The General Lee, Bo, Duke, Uncle Jessie, Wille, Waylon, Running Shine and Cousin Daisy
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, work on the 1K and more asking for donations - Friday June 19, 2015
yep STILL hoping that flogging the dead horse will result in something
We Stream Video of Robot Steam Roller
A remote controlled earth compactor busily doing street repairs.
(And a how-to on serving up streaming video)
Arduino Cell Phone
Plug a 30 dollar cell phone board into your Arduio or Raspberry PI. Control and Program with AT Modem Commands
High Resolution Kung Fu with Grand Master Glen
Photos of the Groat Bridge Construction, the Provincial Museum Grounds and a Speedboat on the North Saskatchewan
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