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Wednesday March 4, 2015

Revenue Canada (CRA) is giving out bad tax advice
One out of four callers receive wrong information
Jan 20 - 2014 - The Queen Retired
No, I did not get the memo either
Delays are Marching along - Tuesday March 3, 2015
Temperatures are like a yo-yo here fluctuating a good 40 degrees daily
Almost Back to "normal" - Friday February 27, 2015
The Cold that kicked the shit out of me
Marsden: Stop talking about increasing Alberta taxes
Alberta is the biggest earner collecting $10,475 for every man, woman and child
Fumbling the Alberta Advantage
How Alberta Squandered a Decade of High Energy Prices
Hyperion files for Bankruptcy- UPDATED Feb.18
OS 4.1 final is really the Final
Sicker than a dog... - Wednesday February 18, 2015
cold and or flu has got me down.
No Big Bang? New Quantum Equations predict the Universe had no beginning
It was the old Equations that exploded, not the Universe
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Wednesday March 4, 2015
Glen VanDenBiggelaar